Watkins wants head of steam from Tigers

Watkins wants head of steam from Tigers

Tigers boss Tom Watkins says he would be chuffed to see his side continue their winning run against Milton Keynes Lighting on Sunday night.

The English Premier League champions have fought a season-long battle for supremacy against Milton Keynes, with Telford only coming out on top over recent months.

A fifteen-game run of victories, stretching back to January, means the Tigers now enjoy a ten-point lead over Sunday’s opponents on the final weekend of the league season.

And Watkins is desperate to extend that streak against one of Telford’s key rivals for the play-off crown.

He said: “It is so important for us to keep our feet moving and keep this train moving along on Sunday. We’ve got a great run going and we want to keep that.

“For the last two games we’ve played at home, we’ve been very good and done a lot of good things.

“We always look forward to playing against Milton Keynes. All the games we’ve played against them have been fun to coach in, and the boys enjoy it as well.

“There’s that rivalry of us being first and them second, so we want to keep that going.”

Sunday’s encounter brings the curtain down on a rollercoaster league campaign for Telford, which saw the club saved in December by a consortium of local businesses.

Watkins, who will now prepare for the start of the play-offs on March 22nd, paid tribute to the efforts of his players in remaining focused during those turbulent months.

He added: “I am incredibly proud of all my players. I think where we have been fortunate is that when it comes to hockey, they’ve been able to put things aside and do a professional job.

“There’s been games where all of us have been through some very uncomfortable situations, but the guys have put their game faces on and got on with the task at hand.

“It has helped us to forget. To be able to carry on, keep the form and keep the way we play has been really exceptional.”

Sunday’s game against Milton Keynes Lightning, at Telford Ice Rink, faces off at 6pm. For tickets, go to www.tigershockeyuk.com.


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